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Building a Brand That Represents Who You Are: A Case Study

What do you do when your current brand experience doesn’t represent your value? That’s what…

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3 Common Misconceptions About Logos

Your logo is the face of your company. It’s the mark that makes you… you!…

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Using Archetypes to Grow Sales

A Wise Entrepreneur Knows When to Ask for Help! My client Marie Fratoni is a…

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Brand Accessories

How to Have Confidence in Your Brand

It’s not really about your handbag Fellow female-warrior, I want you to go into the…

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Don’t Hide the Good Stuff on Your Website’s Home Page

The truth is, you might not even know. Because it can be hard to see…

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Does your brand support your intentions?

I sponsored an event, Expand Your Presence, at which an awesome group of people came…

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My Favorite Tools for Sanity

Ah, the relief of having our ducks in a row! Life is busy. And as…

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Image of Logo Sketches

Walking You Through a Logo-Creation

Ever wonder if a new logo could better represent your business? Want to experience the…

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What does your logo say about you?

A logo that speaks volumes When it comes to brands, I think them as people—with…

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8 Tips to Rise Up and Recharge

I’m on a constant quest to learn more about my target audience: entrepreneurs and organizations…

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A Quiz for Your Website’s Hero Image

I just presented a session at WordCamp called, Make an Impact: Design Tips for Your…

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A moody image on a rainy day with blurred lights in the background and LOVE hand written on foggy glass.

How can you be like Eddie Vedder?

I don’t normally watch the Oscars, but when I heard he was performing, I tuned…

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