Building a Brand That Represents Who You Are: A Case Study

kim costa looking above and holding the brim of her hat

What do you do when your current brand experience doesn’t represent your value?

That’s what entrepreneurs have shared with me over the years: they want to build a brand they can feel proud of—one that aligns with who they truly are in their business.

The thing is, they’re often solely focused on aesthetics. They believe a polished look is key to overcoming any roadblocks to growth and feeling more aligned with their brand.

The truth is, a great brand is built on much more than just good looks.

A visually appealing brand can capture attention. However, it won’t take you where you want to go if it’s not based on who you are, who you serve, and where you want to go. A solid brand strategy is essential to build a brand that truly resonates with your target audience and reflects the true essence of your business.

Meet Kim Costa of Lifestyle Foundations

Kim Costa approached us when she was ready to rebrand her lifestyle blog, Lifestyle Foundations, which was an extension of her successful real estate business. In addition to providing valuable content for her audience, she wanted the blog to serve as a platform to establish herself as a global expert, author, and speaker. She had the vision of creating a bigger and bolder version of her business, but her current website didn’t reflect this.

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Great brands aren’t designed, they’re cultivated

Building a great brand requires intentionality and consistency—not just good designs.

To build a strong, lasting brand, it’s important to dig deep into the heart and soul of the business and who it serves. Furthermore, these insights will guide the creation of a brand experience that establishes an emotional connection with your ideal clients.

For Kim, we met over a series of virtual sessions to discuss and develop her brand from the inside out. We reviewed all things Lifestyle Foundations, from the vision and values to clients and competition.

These core elements are the springboards for connecting her business goals with a unique visual language, a voice that instills trust, and a creative throughline for an elevated brand.

Kim Costa speaking to Alison Chandler and Betty Emrey about their plans for Lifestyle Foundations.

Dig deep into your ‘Why’

What drives you to keep showing up for your business?

If you want to build a brand that stands out, you have to go back to the core essence of your brand—and that essence is your ‘Why’.

When we worked on Lifestyle Foundations, the first thing we talk about was the passion and purpose behind what drives her business. In light of that, we wanted to understand what gets you up in the morning and excites you to do what you do best. It includes discovering what you believe in and what values keep you grounded.

beliefs and values of lifestyle foundation of kim costa

Identify the clients you were born to serve

Who are your ideal clients and what role do you play in their life?

Passionate business owners have unique gifts that positively impact people’s lives. By prioritizing clients, you can clearly communicate how you are the optimal solution they’ve been looking for.

With Kim, we pinpointed three specific audiences, delving into their top-of-mind problems and deepest desires. This enabled us to craft messaging that assures them they are seen, understood, and in the right place.

audience for lifestyle Foundations of kim costa

But we didn’t stop there. We mapped out the customer journey to help Kim nurture her relationships with her clients. We dug deep into more than just their demographics but also their top-of-mind problems and deepest desires.

audience journey of lifestyle foundations of kim costa

Define your unique positioning

Your brand’s positioning statement is rooted in what sets you apart and reflects where you’re going, not where you’ve been. This is what makes your brand authentic. And to define this clearly, you want to align who you are, what your ideal client needs, and what makes you the perfect solution in answering that need.

position statement of lifestyle foundations of kim costa by alison chandler

Create brand expressions that deeply connect

When it comes to creating visual brand expressions, it all starts with a story—a visual narrative that’s bigger than the imagery itself.

Kim’s brand empowers home buyers and sellers to explore possibilities in the next phase of life. Her specialty lies in building relationships and guiding clients towards a grander vision for their dream home and lifestyle.

This naturally led to the brand’s unifying theme, “cycles and connections,” with an extended metaphor of circles, archways, and flowers.

The concept meets clients where they’re at, positioning Kim’s brand as their guide. It leads them to a home that empowers them to maximize their life.

unifying theme of Lifestyle Foundation's branding

This led to…


A memorable, distinct, and timeless logo for Lifestyle Foundations, secondary logos for flexibility, and supporting icons.

Color palette

Lifestyle Foundation’s colors vibrate feelings of safety and groundedness while also inspiring exploration and introspection into what really matters. (Plus, the color palette aligns with Sothyby’s colors!)

color palette for lifestyle foundations of kim costa by alison chandler

Brand Photography

The brand’s vibrant personality was brought to life through a dynamic photoshoot, guided by our creative direction. The outcome was a stunning library of images that authentically captures Kim’s energy and beautifully showcases her amazing personality.

photo inspirations for Lifestyle Foundation's branding

Lead Magnet

A captivating lead magnet offering simple steps to envision the ideal home and lifestyle. This deepens the connection with her audience and expands her subscriber list.

Lifestyle Foundation's logo with supporting icons

A strategic rebrand can transform your business

Lifestyle Foundations’ rebrand illustrates that building a website to reach your goals requires more than just a polished look. We take a very strategic approach when it comes to branding and design. Our collaboration with Kim transformed Lifestyle Foundations’ brand, bringing her vision to life.

 Before After

Partnering with heart-centered clients like Kim Costa is a dream come true. Her personalized approach empowers clients to define their best lives, and we’re honored to be a part of her journey and transformation.

Alison is a rock star. She took me on deep dive into my business that helped me clarify everything from who my audience is to my own core beliefs. She nailed my branding and got my vision. I feel supported and energized about where I’m going and how to get there. If you’re want to focus your efforts in a super enjoyable and effective way, work with Alison!

Kim Costa, Founder of Lifestyle Foundations, Realtor, Author

Are you ready for your own brand transformation?