8 Tips to Rise Up and Recharge

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I’m on a constant quest to learn more about my target audience: entrepreneurs and organizations who need to do something meaningful. I’m also always striving to grow personally…which not only helps me, but in turn helps my clients, too! I’ve realized that my dedication to a future that inspires me allows me to help you tell your story and make your difference—more efficiently, powerfully, and authentically.

Are you putting time and efforts into your learning and growth? I sure hope so. And if you need permission to hop on a plane, this post is for you…

All of us, no matter where we are, can’t do this alone!

We aren’t in a vacuum; we need to get out and connect and recharge. We have to come up for fresh air.

That’s why I just spent a few days in LA, first and foremost to attend Conquer Live—an immersive event for women entrepreneurs. After being involved with this incredible community for 6 months and getting to know so many change-making women from around the world, we finally converged at the event. It was full of energy and connecting, friendship, inspiration—and getting fired up.

When I hopped back on the plane to Georgia, I was reminded of how doing things like this is crucial for my business. And today I want to share a few inspiration-infusing tips I’ve learned along the way that might also help yours.

These are my proven ways to get (and stay) fired up, which leads to unimaginable breakthroughs:

  1. Get face-to-face to forge more genuine connections. If you are on the verge of taking a new adventure and can’t make up your mind, ask yourself these following questions. Will it put you with your target audience? Like-minded people? Will it energize you? Will it provide new ideas and perspectives? Then do it! Spending time with your peeps is never wasted—because in knowing your audience, you will know their needs and be able to create paths for them to rise up quicker and stronger.
  2. Change scenery and unlock new ideas. Whether you pack up and get on a plane, or just pack up your laptop and head to a local coffee shop, the music, the faces and the energy change…and that’s major creative-juice.
  3. Find waterfalls that inspire you to stay refreshed. Join something that is a continual source of inspiration. Whether it’s boot camp at the gym, a Meetup group or my latest venture, RISE Business Academy.
  4. Plan, but let the specifics run free. While in Cali, I arranged to meet my photographer friend, Nicole Bolinger, from 11 AM–3 PM for a day in Venice Beach. But aside from the time, our visit was delightfully unplanned. The light was beautiful that day, so I ended up with these new headshots, a belly full of fish tacos, and some great laughs. (Nicole also attended the event and it resulted in an amazing new project/client for both of us. Shout out to Libby Thompson!)
  5. Shift focus, then quickly use momentum. You don’t have to stay focused on one thing for hours on end. But when you choose to shift focus, dive right in…take the momentum and roll. It feels counter-intuitive to step away, but it’s the exact opposite. If I start spinning my wheels on a project, I grab the dogs and take them for a walk. By the time I get back my head is clear and solutions come with more ease and flow.
  6. Channel your inner Eddie Vedder (because he’s authentic and awesome).
  7. Know your strengths, your challenges and what differentiates you from others. Getting clear about these things lets you grow in necessary areas and increase your impact where you are most powerful. I joined Conquer Club community because most of my design education has been about connecting to hearts and minds using visual design—but CC teaches things like systems and time management—the areas in which I want to better develop.
  8. Celebrate your growth. Every step matters. Think about where you are today vs. where you were a year ago. Even if it’s been a rocky road paved with learning experiences, you’ve made progress. You have grown! Celebrate this. And yes, I’m talking about with cake and a dance party.

Now, some quick homework! Take a look at your world. What four things can you plan for the next year to reconnect, recharge and reinvigorate your business?


  1. Great post! I took a few days off around July 4th and just headed to an Airbnb and took my dogs. We went kayaking and had an adventure. It was good to relax and recharge. I also love going to meetups with other entrepreneurs to hear about what they are doing and can’t wait to head to WordCamp Asheville next month to speak!

    • achand39 on at

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience and insights!

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