Don’t Hide the Good Stuff on Your Website’s Home Page


The truth is, you might not even know. Because it can be hard to see your business from your audience’s perspective.

When a prospect comes to your website, they’re looking for something specific. You’ve got 3-5 seconds to get their attention—to speak to them loud and clear in a way that lets them know they’re in the right place.

But if you’re hiding the good stuff—or if it’s all strewn about—it’s not going to help you help them.

Reality: Nobody wants to know your mission statement (Not right away, anyway)

They want to know how you can help them.

So on your home page, you have to use your hero image and your text to answer their burning questions, ASAP. Your website visitors want to know:

  1. Is this what I’m looking for? They’re looking for a solution to a problem. Name the problem. Or ask a direct and insightful question. Let them know, right away, that you understand their need. You know what brought them to your website! You get it!
  2. What will I be/do/have by working with this person or company? When a client works with you, what does success look like for them? Let them know quickly and precisely what you’ll do for them. What you’ll enable them to be, do or have.
  3. What do I do next? Tell them exactly what to do next. Buy it, learn more, sign up, whatever the next step is—so it’s EASY for them to get your help and move forward.

Not sure exactly how to answer these questions?

Then you need clarity. And clarity comes during the process of uncovering your authentic brand or un-freezing a brand that’s stuck. Because once you understand your authentic brand—and what it really means for your prospects—then everything else flows from there. The design. The content. The way you talk about yourself, introduce yourself and network. The empathy. The confidence.

Sure, mission statements do have value. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have one; I’m saying that your people are humans first…not mission-statement-language-reading-robots. When we want to create emotional connections (which we do!), we can’t use jargon-y, un-relatable words.

Can you see yourself clearly?

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, you know your prospects have a need. You know you provide a solution. But it’s important that you help them connect the dots between the two. It may seem obvious to you, but it’s not obvious to them unless you make it so. Don’t hide your goodies!

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