Does your brand support your intentions?

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I sponsored an event, Expand Your Presence, at which an awesome group of people came together to learn how to expand their business presences. As a sponsor, I spoke at this event, and I also had a table with a raffle.

Interestingly, the woman who won the raffle—a wine and cheese basket—didn’t have a business card (she had to use someone else’s). We laughed about it, but she was a little embarrassed. I think everyone should have a brand (and a business card) they’re proud of. That’s why I help my clients build one!

Being authentic feels amazing

The truth is, when you have an authentic brand that reflects you—and all the pieces to support it—you feel great. Everything aligns. YOU, YOUR BRAND, YOUR MARKETING MATERIALS. This makes it easier for people to connect with you, and easier to get specific about want you want—in a way that lines up effortlessly with who you are.

This is why one of my favorite parts of the event was the intention activity at the beginning. It encouraged focus and specificity—and was a reminder that YOU play the biggest part in making things happen.

Here’s the format, and here’s what I wrote:

Name your specific intention. What is your intention for the event?

Learn actionable tips to better expand my presence, make new connections with people I don’t know, and make connections between people to encourage a positive experience for everyone.

BE. How do you want to be in order to achieve this intention? What presence do you want to have?

I will be welcoming, friendly, vibrant, present, inclusive, fun, inspiring, a connector.

DO. What will you do to achieve this intention?

Ask people questions. Listen for opportunities to introduce people. Encourage people to put business cards in the raffle.

HAVE. What will you have by realizing this intention?

A sense of accomplishment. New connections. New possibilities. A stronger understanding of what people need. Excitement to keep the momentum rolling.

I loved that this exercise helped clarify what I wanted to achieve, and what I would be doing to make it happen. Also, I like that it can be used for a specific event—or it can be used for your entire brand. It reminded me of my process for creating a brand.

Have a brand that reflects you—and the rest comes easier

The best kind of brand you can have matches your ambition, reflects you, and speaks to your ideal clients. When everything is alignment—your BE, DO, HAVE will match up more seamlessly and effortlessly. You’ll be achieving business intentions left and right.

Plus, you’ll have a business card that matches your brands to share at raffles!

Need a partner who will make sure your brand and website support your intentions? Let’s talk.

P.S. At this event, I met some talented women—and I’d like to give them a shout out!

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