3 Common Misconceptions About Logos

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Your logo is the face of your company. It’s the mark that makes you… you!

It’s often the first time people will see and begin to associate your brand colors, fonts, and imagery with your business. To make sure their first impression is as powerful as working with you, I’m here to shed some light on…

Three of the most common mistakes and misconceptions business owners have about logos.

  1. A logo isn’t all that important. Attention spans are especially short these days and a professionally designed, custom logo has the power to grab attention and quickly convey your company’s unique purpose and values. Sometimes a couple of seconds is all you get—those seconds are worth a lot.
  2. I can just get an inexpensive generic logo for now. Well, you can. And here’s why that’s not the best plan for your success. Your logo should be recognizable, memorable, AND unique to your business. That’s because, as you’re building your business, your audience will begin to associate whatever logo you’re using with your brand. A generic logo is a lost opportunity to connect with your ideal audience.
  3. I can always change my logo later. A strong custom logo is one of the key components of a strategic brand identity. The way your logo feels gives customers an idea of the brand experience they can expect. It can immediately differentiate a business that’s all business—from one that’s more whimsical and creative.

Clients who have consistently positive brand experiences will come to see your logo as a symbol of quality and will begin to seek it out. Your logo will add credibility wherever it appears—whether it’s on your website, products, business cards, or emails.

In an ideal world, I’d recommend that every new business owner invest in a professional, custom logo design. That’s because, in the process of creating this one critical marketing component for their business, they’ll also start to clarify and lay the groundwork many other key brand elements.

But I also get that when you’re first starting a business, a logo can get lost in the list of priorities. Some entrepreneurs opt for the generic logo route just to get their businesses launched. But eventually, they run into the limitations of those types of logos.

I work with people at both ends of that equation—new business owners in the process of launching a business and experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to uplevel their current logo.

Wherever you are in your business, if you’re looking for a logo that will set you apart and attract the people you were born to serve, let’s talk.

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