How to Have Confidence in Your Brand

Brand Accessories

It’s not really about your handbag

Fellow female-warrior, I want you to go into the world with confidence.

So. Much. Confidence.

Because as women, when we are confidently sharing our gifts and strengths with the world, our mutual power becomes bigger and brighter. Watch out…we make a difference!

In my recent presentation for the What Women Want National Conference (which you can listen to here!) I liken a brand to accessories. I say that I want your handbag, your lipstick, and your earrings, to all be in alignment with where you see yourself today, and your bigger and bolder vision.

Sure, I talk about handbags, but it’s not all about appearance.

Certainly not in any kind of superficial way.

Looks matter simply because a strong brand needs an awesome visual foundation!

A good-looking, authentic brand:

  • Provides clarity, giving clues to who we are and what we do.
  • Helps people understand and connect with us.
  • Gives people information about how we can help them.
  • Attracts the right clients and the right opportunities—the ones which align most with your offerings, capabilities and passions.

And I think, perhaps most importantly:

  • A great-looking, gorgeous, authentic brand gives us confidence to put ourselves out there! Not in a salesy way, but rather in a way that is a genuine reflection of ourselves. One that comes from a genuine desire to connect with others who actually need what we offer.

Do you have a brand you feel confident about?

Does it make you want to share your gifts with the world?

Does it attract the right kind of clients? The ones with real budgets who really need and appreciate what you offer?

It can—and it should!

Helping you find that ideal visual representation is my specialty.

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