Using Archetypes to Grow Sales

A Wise Entrepreneur Knows When to Ask for Help!

My client Marie Fratoni is a force of nature in the business coaching world. She’s passionate about helping her clients become savvy, sophisticated, and highly successful in both their businesses and their lives.

Prior to approaching me, Marie had always handled her own marketing. But when it came time to promote her new Connect & Prosper group program, she just didn’t have the bandwidth. She decided to take the advice she so often gives to others:

Delegate! You don’t have to do everything alone!

Marie reached out for my help in creating her Connect & Prosper sales page. And her timing couldn’t have been better. I’d just introduced a new laser-focused mini-brand strategy program to give new clients a small taste of what it’s like to work with me and an idea of the results I can help them achieve with a full-branding strategy experience.

Attract More of your Ideal Clients—and Repel the Rest

Now, you know that’s my motto and my passion—no matter what I’m working on with my clients. Not that there’s anything wrong with “the rest.” But seriously, who can afford to spend a ton of time talking to people who aren’t the right fit and will never be interested in buying from you?

Getting Your Marketing Right with Archetypes

I’m always looking for better ways to help my clients be more intentional and authentic in creating marketing that’s magnetic to their best-fit ideal customers. That’s how I came up with the idea for a mini-brand strategy program called, Brand Bedrock. It’s a proven process for articulating a brand’s traits, core values, strengths, and purpose and ensuring that their marketing—including visual elements, messages, tone of voice, and mood—is aligned.

Understanding your brand archetype reveals not only what you need to say, but also how to say it to attract your best clients and get them ready to buy.

Knowing Your Archetype and Using it Consistently:

  • Clarifies and strengthens your brand personality
  • Helps you see your brand with totally fresh eyes
  • Helps you differentiate and stand out from others
  • Creates a gut-level connection that attracts your ideal clients

70% Magician | 30% Hero (a dynamic combo!)

Marie and I worked closely together to uncover her archetype. We discovered her unique mix was 70% Magician and 30% Hero.


The Magician is all about transformation, revealing new possibilities, and amazing clients with an ability to turn dreams into reality. Alternatively, the Hero is driven by courage, discipline, and competition—and an ability to challenge others to risk stepping out beyond their own limits.

When the Archetype and the Marketing Don’t Match

The look and feel of Marie’s previous sales pages are full-on Hero. The messages are clear, pragmatic, and results-focused. Even the colors—black and white with accents of red communicate determined, hard-hitting Hero energy. They did a fantastic job promoting Marie’s heroic qualities—and completely hid her magical super powers.

For Marie’s Connect & Prosper sales page, we created a brand experience that is more in alignment with her unique archetypal mix. We balanced the Hero with an infusion of feminine creative power in a softer, more nuanced color pallet, fonts with a bit more flair, inspiring visuals, and copy written to satisfy the most rational mind while also touching and moving the heart.

Results: The first person who contacted Marie after seeing her sales page showed up ready to register into the program and pay in full to get the extra special bonuses!

Ready to Stop Hiding Your Magic?

The best time to start planning your sales page is at least two months before the launch, but it’s possible to work within a more condensed timeline. You never know until you ask!

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