Get Your Brand Un-frozen with Strategy


Somehow my two-year-old daughter, Lucy heard about the movie, Frozen. (How the heck did she find about Frozen? Just when I finally forgot that song?!)

At the beginning, there’s a clip of Mickey Mouse’s classic cartoon, Steamboat Willie. It’s what made Mickey a star! While today, we can appreciate the nostalgia of old school Mickey…it wouldn’t exactly fly in theatres today. My how things have changed, right?

Why on earth am I talking about this?

Because I want to know: Is your brand still riding a metaphorical steamboat? Are you afraid to try a new mode of transportation?

Steamboat Willie

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Thankfully, Disney movies evolved…into Frozen (which Lucy is still talking about).

And your brand needs to evolve too.

How can you get your steamboat to its new destination?

Well, for starters you can’t be afraid to upgrade your mode of transportation. The steamboat served you well, but if it’s not serving you now, maybe it needs a new engine. Maybe you need to hop on plane.

Today I want to tell you that your brand can evolve too. And let’s face it, the steps you take today don’t have to be engraved in stone—this is all part of your brand’s evolution.

In the future, your logo can change. Your website can change. Your ideal clients can change…heck, your business name can even change!

What’s important is that your organization’s visuals are reflecting who you are now and where you see yourself going in the future.

Of course you want as much longevity as possible with your brand updates…and that comes from strategy.

What exactly does that mean? Well for me, I use strategy to create messaging which informs design. What does that look like when we work together?

Each project begins with me getting nosy about you, what your organization offers, who you offer it to, and what makes you different. Then we get into the nitty gritty details about your project goals and needs.

This discovery process allows me to understand your current state and where you want to be. As a result of this phase, I’ll write a brand story that serves as the foundation for not only your website, but all of your marketing messages to ensure it’s consistent and cohesive.

A lot that happens before the design phase even begins, a lot of considerations to make before your brand changes from a steamboat to a jet plane.

And when is it time to unveil that new jet plane?

You can confidently take the leap if:

  • You’ve done your research and the decision is based on your intentional plan for your online success.
  • It’s built based not only on who you are today with a critical eye and an open mind, but also where you want to go.
  • You’re focused on the needs of your audience and the issues they’re facing—you’re confident this will help them move forward in the direction they want to go.
  • It feels right in your gut (which may feel scary or exciting)—but it doesn’t feel meh!
  • Perhaps you even have an invested partner who’s done this before and truly wants you to make more of an impact (me!)

Like I said before, in my world, this all begins with me getting nosy about you, your organization’s services, target audience, goals, and needs.

If Mickey refused to leave his steamboat, the Disney of today wouldn’t exist.

But I can guarantee you that Disney planned their next steps…and didn’t just move forward willy-nilly.

To be a brand that’s around in many years, you have to evolve. And that starts with a journey of growth.

Need an experienced guide? Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation.

P.S. I know it’s scary! It’s scary to forge a new direction…to follow your bliss…to make a leap. I want to tell you that I understand. I promise we won’t take the leap all willy-nilly. We’ll have a plan. It’s why I pursued my MFA at SCAD—to learn everything I could about creating design connections that are based on strategy—rooted in something real and proven.

Here are a couple of case studies that show my clients’ success.

“My favorite part was working with Alison, and seeing a how all the steps came together for the final result.”

Jeannine Yep, Owner and Pack Leader

“Alison really nailed the new logo for Team Lady 180!”

Mishael Poremski, Team Lady 180

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