Craft a Life You Love

Through her local resource organization, Mishael Poremski had been successful at helping widows and other grief-impacted women ‘turn tragedy into triumph.’ Now, she was ready to roll out the concept to a much wider audience. That meant a fresh rebranding—and I relished the chance to help.


180 Your Life


  • The organization was all about growth and transformation, therefore the new brand identity should convey a sense of active energy and optimism.
  • New messaging was needed to resonate with grieving women and to encourage them to team up to work towards common goals for a healthy lifestyle.
  • A meaningful name was needed to communicate the group dynamic as well as the idea of individuals making a personal transformation.


  • We worked together to choose the vibrant, contrasting colors that contribute to a viscerally positive, high-energy feeling.
  • In the logo, the incremental color changes of the figures suggests personal development; also, the grouping of figures represents people who are connected as a team while reaching out on their own.
  • The new name, Team Lady 180, conveys the members’ shift from a path of depression to the opposite direction, a path of positive growth.

I needed rebranding and I didn’t know where to start. I felt overwhelmed with the notion of changing everything over. But Alison worked with me to find the right tone, terminology, name and graphics. She really nailed it!

Mishael Poremski, Team Lady 180 Founder