Maximizing the Forest’s Resources

For decades, F&W Forestry had been a large, well-established business. However they felt that many still didn’t truly understood who they were, and all they could offer. The designed booklet would be the defining document they’d present to the world.


F&W Forestry



  • Even those who did business with the forestry management company weren’t aware of the company’s vast capabilities, international impact, and environmental commitment—this large amount of information needed to be presented in a clear and compelling way.
  • The company had an existing set of brand guidelines that were used to ensure consistency and cohesion with all of their other marketing materials.
  • Along with the rest of the Soloflight Design team, I wanted to get across important concepts not just with words, but visually as well.


  • Visuals draw the eye to key concepts, while different color tags help organize the details of various sub-topics for readers.
  • The visual solutions throughout the booklet conform to the company’s brand standards, but are infused with creative touches such as using the company’s logomark, the tree, as the bullet in the text’s bullet points.
  • We carefully chose the lush photographs of forest scenes, as well as a high quality paper, which, together, yield deep, rich colors and an immersive feel.