How can you be like Eddie Vedder?

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I don’t normally watch the Oscars, but when I heard he was performing, I tuned in. The he is Mr. Eddie Vedder. I identified with him many years ago—not only because he makes awesome music, but because he also stands up for what he believes in. I recognized and appreciated his courage—and I’ve been a lifelong fan ever since.

Eddie stays true to himself. He honors his why. And that has meaning for me.

So if he plays a show in my area, I go. If he releases a new album, I buy it. It’s that simple. Eddie’s got a fan for life.

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And I want your organization to have fans for life, too.

Yes ma’am…that’s exactly what I do through strategy and design!

Play the music you’re passionate about

You can’t make music that everyone will love. Your organization can’t be everything to everyone. But it can be everything to those who identify with your purpose in an emotional and meaningful way. If you’re watering down your brand or not sharing your why—you probably leave people feeling neutral or numb. They can’t identity with you or what you offer. Which helps no one, right? You don’t get the chance to enhance their lives, or the ability to make more of an impact.

When you share your why, you forge deep connections and turn individuals into brand advocates. (Like I’ve said before, the why is always more important than the what.)

An example of infusing the why

A client of mine was getting ready for her second career, Abbisent Market. Anna travels the world, finds unique, one-of-a-kind goods, and sells them. Which is awesome in itself, right? Yet what truly connects her to clients is the why—the purposebehind what she does. Years ago, Anna realized that when she traveled, it gave her an expanded world view. She felt part of something larger, and she deeply wanted to bring this profound experience to others. Her why isn’t about selling stuff—it’s about bringing people a worldly perspective that makes them feel part of something beautiful and vast.

Her customers don’t mind spending a bit more for what they are looking for because they value making a purchase that aligns their lifestyle aspirations, which is to travel. This is what builds passionate and long lasting connections.

Want a loyal fan base?

People are constantly searching for meaning in this fast paced merry-go-round. If your organization grabs people’s attention and they begin to understand why your organization matters, that’s success. When people recognize their ambitions, goals or desires in your messaging, it helps them identify who they are at their core. This creates a long-term loyalist—and that’s way better than a fleeting fan.

Whether you’re a musician, world traveler or purpose-driven organization, own it! The people who align will be die-hard supporters for life.

Need a brand identity or a website that makes emotional connections, drives change and turns people into brand advocates?

I can help you create and communicate your purpose-driven brand story with a voice that builds the awareness you need to be seen and drive change.

Drumroll please…

Like Mr. Vedder said, “If you’re gonna play the song, you better play it.”

What is the brand you are most loyal to, and why? Who is your Eddie Vedder?


  1. Nice job. Completely agree. 🙂

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