3rd Annual Corporate Sustainability Forum

You’re making an impact. Let’s share those results.

I’m incredibly grateful I was able to attend the 3rd Annual Corporate Sustainability Forum—Healthy Food | Healthy Communities. This Forum,…

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Headphones on yellow background

A Reminder from Fatboy Slim…

I love a good challenge. Whether it’s downsizing my wardrobe or making a month’s worth of meals in one day,…

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Moon Pies

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Right on the cusp of totality The total eclipse: This rare event was happening a drive away. People were flying…

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Simplicity Quote from Courtney Carver

Keep it Simple: Wardrobes and Websites

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, so I was thrilled to attend Courtney Carver’s Tiny Wardrobe Tour (inspired…

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Atlanta WordPress WordCamp Speaker Alison Chandler

What I Learned Speaking at WordCamp

I did it! This year marks the third spring I’ve attended the oh so fun Atlanta WordCamp and this time…

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