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3rd Annual Corporate Sustainability Forum

I’m incredibly grateful I was able to attend the 3rd Annual Corporate Sustainability Forum—Healthy Food | Healthy Communities. This Forum, presented by EarthShare of Georgia & Green Chamber of the South, was formed to encourage corporate engagement with the local community.

The event explored the important connection between access to healthy food and healthy communities. Nathaniel Smith, the awe inspiring keynote speaker, said it best when he said:

“Food inequity and social inequity are connected. Healthy places help to create healthy people…Be serious about caring for all people, not just some. Make sure that all have access to healthy food.”

Looking to expand your community outreach? Helping is a win-win!

Like Smith said, “Economic inclusion is not just the moral thing to do, it’s good for business.” A business’ equity increases as the prevalence of healthy food increases. In Atlanta and other cities, urban farms (and organizations that bring good food to underserved communities) truly are a victory for everyone involved.

Here are some ways your organization can get involved (If you’re not already)

  1. Find an urban farm nearby: Buy food or start a procurement relationship if you have a cafeteria.
  2. Develop an ongoing volunteer effort: Contact an organization like EarthShare or the Corporate Volunteer Council to get started. This effort could include farming or helping with food distribution.
  3. Implement a corporate giving program: Support farms or food initiatives in vulnerable or underserved areas to ensure their success.

Now, spread the news (with design)

Cox Conserves Sustainability Report

In 2015, I designed this Sustainability Survey for the forum’s sponsor, Cox Enterprises, which has been updated each year. And every year, Cox Enterprises provides this survey to all forum attendees. By doing this, Cox Enterprises continues to encourage and propel many organizations to increase their sustainability efforts. My point? Doing good is contagious—but only if people know about it!

All good is worth sharing

No matter how you’re helping communities, it’s important to share your efforts. Why? Because it helps your audience feel part of the good you’re doing (and understand how they can further support you). People overwhelmingly want to feel proud of the organizations they align with.

“If your brand story does not authentically and meaningfully contribute to the well-being of society or the environment, your brand will not be viewed as important … 73% of all brands could disappear and consumers wouldn’t care.”


Sharing your efforts through design can happen in many formats—not just sustainability surveys. Check out this infographic I created to highlight the cumulative impact of 50 Cox Conserves Heroes.

Need help?

Your community support efforts need to be shared—whether your organization is big or small. I can help you do it right. Ready to chat? Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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