Recognizing Environmental Heroes

Through its Cox Conserves sustainability program, Cox Enterprises celebrates the efforts of people who have done more than their share for the environment. An infographic was chosen as the format for this project, and I was chosen as its designer.


Cox Conserves



  • Each year, one person is awarded as a Cox Conserves hero and because this was the program’s 50th year, they wanted to visually conveys the cumulative impact of all 50 heroes.
  • Although environmental issues can to be complex, they wanted an eye-catching infographic that communicated the heroes’ achievements quickly and simply.
  • The organizers sought to use a by-the-numbers approach to highlight the amazing impact of its honorees’ earth-friendly accomplishments – and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


  • Visual icons with a common graphic style clearly illustrate each type of environmental achievement, and simple touches of color bring continuity to a diverse range of topics.
  • The main graphic depicting the environment is shown as a circle (representing the world we’re all working to protect), and a semi-circle arrangement allows the eye to flow seamlessly from one eye-catching visual icon to the next.
  • The infographic approach highlights the impressive numbers that quickly convey the accomplishments of the heroes.

Everyone loves the designs! The overall color scheme, the curved placement of the icons and the balanced layout are like no other design we’ve seen before—we love it!

Ted Bruner, Cox Enterprises, Inc