Connecting the Dots

One of Atlanta’s largest healthcare systems had a special mission for their upcoming annual report: conveying the benefits of their new digital patient charts for coordinated care. As part of the Soloflight Design Team, I was up for the challenge.


Piedmont Healthcare


  • The annual report would extend their new visual brand identity to a new application, which included a logo, tagline and advertising campaign.
  • Communications managers sought to diverge from traditional annual reports and introduce a fresh approach with unexpected design elements.
  • The report needed to promote the new electronic medical records system that includes a digital chart for each patient.


  • Piedmont Healthcare’s brand colors and fonts are used consistently throughout and are cohesive with their other brand communications.
  • We opted for a distinctive square format for the report design, which echoes the square shape of their new logo mark, and a wraparound belly band to give the reader a sense of unwrapping something unique and special.
  • We developed the concept of connecting the dots to convey how the new technology connects the system’s many facilities and providers with the patients (and with each other).