Global Responsibility

Walmart is known for low prices, of course. But they also wanted to be known for their social responsibility endeavors, which are surprisingly diverse and impactful. They needed a printed report that would convey all of these efforts, and I knew it would be a design challenge. But I was up for it.




  • Because the report would be long and detailed, it was up to the design to keep the information from being overwhelming for readers.
  • The report needed to be organized under the main umbrella categories of sustainability, opportunity, and community.
  • Rather than using plain text, data should be conveyed graphically for a more engaging experience.


  • A hierarchical design approach visually communicates each category of information clearly and quickly, and the fun icons help each snippet to graphically stand out on its own.
  • Hexagon shapes are used throughout the booklet as a unifying visual theme. As a type of universal building block, hexagons are suggest efficiency, consistency, and community.
  • A separate ‘Theory in Action’ spread shows how becoming more sustainable and responsible is an ongoing journey, through the use of visuals that depict the navigation of that journey.