Nuclear Bets

Nuclear Bets

A prominent non-profit needed a poster to bring awareness to the riskiness of nuclear power as a future energy solution. When they reached out to me for ideas, I knew it would be a fascinating opportunity to make a visual statement.


Southern Alliance for Clean Energy



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• The Alliance wanted to communicate the potential dangers and shortcomings of nuclear power to ordinary people in rural areas who were not activists, or particularly well-read on the topic.
• Rather than a detailed manifesto against nuclear power, they wanted to keep it simple, succinct and powerful, with a single image that would quickly convey a single idea.
• Considering the poster could be seen by people who work at nuclear plants, it needed to be eye-opening and conversational rather than demeaning or confrontational.


• My mind arrived at the gambling metaphor to convey that the inherent risk of nuclear power amounts to ‘gambling with our future.’
• Through visual exploration, I found myself sketching poker chips stacked in the shape of nuclear cooling towers, an image which I then styled and photographed.
• I selected a font for the headline that reinforces the feeling of distress and unpredictability that nuclear energy potentially brings to society.