Lifting the Fog of Depression

Lifting the Fog of Depression

Jo Ann Elliott was confident that she could help people with chronic depression, substance abuse and anxiety. When she opened her own counseling practice, she needed to professionally communicate those capabilities to the community. I was confident that I could help.


New Dawn Counseling


Visual Brand Identity, Website Design and Development

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• To make a good first impression, the design of her logo, business card and website needed to establish her brand identity and messaging with a warm and welcoming feel.
• As a visually-oriented person, color and images were especially important to Jo Ann for conveying the right tone.
• The website needed to focus not just on her values and three specialties, but also answer questions for the adolescents, adults and couples who would benefit from her guidance.


• The logo mark, in the form of an ambigram, represents the interconnected partnership between a therapist and patient, which is essential to achieve meaningful and lasting change.
• The website’s banner headline and photo immediately brings to life a clear vision of positive change.
• A rotating headline addresses her three specialties, and the images throughout the site identify the different types of people she helps; the impact and clarity of this information brought responses and new clients.