An Eco State of Mind

An Eco State of Mind

When a plan to become more environmentally friendly was adopted for Savannah and Tybee Island, the next step was to create a compelling visual brand identity for the new initiative. Since environmental issues had always been close to my heart, I saw it as an exciting chance to make a genuine difference.




Visual Brand Design, Logo, Brand Guidelines

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  • A name, tag line, and logo were all needed for an initiative that would speak to the entire community.
  • Visual materials from other environmental campaigns tended to all look the same but they wanted to stand out in a unique way.
  • The goal was not only to build awareness, but active participation as well.


• The simple yet memorable one-word name, Join, implies that this isn’t just about the initiative – it’s an invitation to all work together on behalf of a healthy local ecosystem; in fact, the bold ‘in’ suggests the phrase ‘Join In’.
• The colorful logo mark reflects the organizers’ vision of coordination and unity, standing out from the monochromatic greens and leaf logo marks of other environmental initiatives.
• The comprehensive brand identity manual I created ensures that the visual motif will remain strong and consistent as it is presented to the community in various applications and media.